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  1. Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?

    Can I get win98 working on my intel ivybridge i5?
  2. Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?

    Is that even possible?
  3. It is a creative soundblaster audioPCI 64V
  4. Programming IDEs for W98

    If you use "Visual C++ 6" do you need to include the vb6 runtime?
  5. I wanna learn delphi 7 because it is the last good version to make apps that work on both newer windows and 9x. Is there a book I should buy or website I can go to anyone know of a good one? I have background in c++,vb,java,php.
  6. Windows ME lets you play multi sounds at once but windows 98 se doesnt let you... Is there away of fixing this?
  7. best PCI wireless card for 9x?

  8. Aot of links to find these old apps/games are dead... I have made a website and added a download manager I would like help on archiving all these tools before they are too tough to find online... http://www.retroelectronics.com/forums/index.php/files/
  9. Weird problem with a game 1602AD

    Yes was using winme before and switched to 98se... I forgot I used 9x in the title thread. I wonder if the APCI problem I had something to do with it..... THe computer seems faster with APCI disabled
  10. I can't in my bios.... Thank you for trying to help earlier thou!
  11. Weird problem with a game 1602AD

    switching to win98se fixed the problem
  12. You know, there was a REASON for asking that. Did you notice the "checkmark" next to "Use Automatic Settings"??? There is OBVIOUSLY a CONFLICT in the Settings between the two and you want to disable ACPI Shutdown? Try answering my question - you specifically stated OK in WinME... Everything was automatic on winME I didnt answer your question because I was only going to reinstall winME only to get the values as a last resort.... ACPI shutdown still works even when its disabled
  13. DougB it worked thank you so much!!!!
  14. Thank you ill give it a try!!!