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  1. Running pre release Windows versions is like going on a pub crawl with your mates. You know you are in for grief. RC1 is a whole lot better than Beta 2 as far as reliability is concerned, but I wouldn't use it for doing any important work on . If you have any out of the ordinary or later type devices , don't expect driver support either. For general non critical usage its seems fine, although I have encountered a few IE glitches so far. Take the plunge and blast into MS oblivion.
  2. I speak Australian . Based on English , but just a little more refined than pommy lingo.
  3. Do yourself a favour and use nlite and get rid of it altogether , along with the security centre
  4. Nice work. Well done mate
  5. Yeah . Installed XP with SP1 on my secondary pc and got the files Cheers
  6. There is nothing wrong with the error , as you are in debug mode . The chain command is the last before it links itself to boot XP. The only reason you get this error is because , in debug mode it won't execute. Test it within VMWare or Virtual Pc after you've made your iso and you'll find it works just fine .
  7. G'day all Just making my multiboot dvd , but have struck a problem of which i'm sure has happened here before . Had a look around for a few answers but to no avail. As I have XP with SP1 and SP2 rc2 , when I go to try and execute winnt32. from my local XPCD directory on my hdd to copy installation files it tells me I am running a newer version of Windows and bails out on me . How am I able to get the 2 folders I am looking for ( $WIN_NT$.~BT and $WIN_NT$.~LS ) to continue making my dvd ? Any help appreciaited Cheers Jake
  8. Has anyone tried installing this silently along with registration key and had any success ? I've tried countless times with no success and its starting to screw with my head Any help appreciated . Cheers Jake
  9. rusty The router activity light on the WAN port wasn't flashing like it normally does on a download and I put the latest definitions in with the install , so there was only around 2 meg worth of files to update ( core program updates ) and my cable connection usually does that in under 20 seconds. For the life of me , I have no idea why its doing what its doing. cheers Jake
  10. G'day all.. Firstly , I have to say , this is by far the most informative of any XP site I have come across. The wealth of info in here is astounding . To all those here whose input has helped me produce a fully unattended XP with drivers and apps, I thank you . I have one question regarding NAV2004. The main OS installs unattended perfectly ( using virtual pc2004 ) as do the drivers and apps , BUT , as soon as NAV is installed , the whole thing turns to s*** and runs slower than my grandma in a 100m sprint. The other apps do install eventually and the OS boots up , but NAV is still running in the background slowing the OS in normal running mode. Has anyone encountered this or is it just a side effect of doing the trial install on virtualpc ? Should NAV be installed last on the list seeing as this is the case ? My system is a 3Ghz P4 with 2 gig of ram and i've given virtual pc 800 meg , so I can't see why the whole thing is stuffed . My batch file may be missing something , but if it is , I dunno what ( attached ) Any help greatly appreciated . Cheers Jake batch_file.cmd
  11. Ignore my post , as I just realised that winrar ( after all these years of using it ) does it . How dumb
  12. G'day all Do I need to unpack some driver EXE files ( no other way to get inf files ) to use for intergratrion into my unattended xp cd , or do I just put the exe file into my driver folder and windows automatically runs it when it reaches that point of install ? If unpacking the exe file is needed , where can I find a program that does this within windows ? I have looked everywhere to no avail . Any help would be great Cheers Jake