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  1. Hi GreenMachine, it pops up claiming about wrong parameters. It wants: /quiet /passive /uninstall /norestart /forcerestart /l /n /o /f or /integrate:path Same with 828026 Oh, I forgot to mention that I only see this with SILENTINSTALL=NO in the XPCreate.ini Gregor Edit: Hi GreenMachine, Sorry, forget this about the two MP hotfixes. This was my fault - the reason was 17778 which needs to be shifted to GUIRunOnce. So - nothing to do. Gregor
  2. and may be the lenght of the path - better use 8chrs for names or 8.3. Then you also can leave the quotes away. Gregor
  3. Hi Greenmachine, first a big thank for your very helpfull tool! Within the last two days I made more progress than in a week before -and this way it is much easier to maintain setup CDs than extracting all the hotfixes manually to the i386 folder. I had the same problem with the WINNT.SIF and the reason was that your WEB page says: create $OEM$\I386\WINNT.SIF. Before I found, out I created the image manually after I moved the file to the 'real' i386 folder. Here is another difference: The MP hotfix 837272 cannot be in the SVC-HF1 folder (at least the german one). This is different on your WEB page. Also valid for 819638. Good work! Gregor