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  1. I have this notebook running XP Pro and for every single driver I get the annoying "This driver is not signed" senario where I need to "Continue Anyway" even for drivers that are signed.. I get it for everything - printers, mice, the actual USB ports on the dock. Its highly annoying. I was wondering if there was some setting I'm missing that can install the hardware and driver like 99% of every other XP Pro machine will?
  2. We had a user who used to have drive mappings to a few folders on the MOSS (Sharepoint) who somehow lost them. After a remote in and trying to figure out what it was we identified that the service called WebClient was not running on his local PC which was preventing this from happening. Other threads exist but we haven't been able to resolve this issue. The link to the related thread is here but we have had no success in getting this to work.
  3. hey-ho, also new here. I'm a tech support guy on the front line in an MS environment. Smallish company with ~90 users. I'm sure to be making many posts as I'm fairly new to this kind of role.. also be keen to help out where I can!