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  1. Hi shahed26, do you know any DVB-T card/stick which will work with Windows Server 2008 X64? in our town we can reveive DVB-T with indoor aerial. Thank for your help. Greetings Jan
  2. Hi, thanks for your answer. I tried DVB Dream with BDA but it hasn't worked. Then I must hope that Microsoft support it in future, but the chances are not so good . TV Tuner on a server OS arent rampant Greetings Jan
  3. Hi, I have an analog WinTV-PVR USB2 Model 24019. I used your Setup, got the files from Vista UlimateSP1, and copied the sources on Windows Server 2008. Then I ran the setup. The setup said that is all ok, restarts, then after starting there was the massege with the new drivers, I canceled it all and restarts my PC. Than I tried Wintv V.6 and Winamp with TV Plugin but no one works. The driver of my Wintv are installed. The message in WinTV V6 is the same how before I installed the files: "Cannot access TV Tuner, please check the unit is connected and the drivers are correctly instakked.(0)" I checked the drivers in device manager there is all ok. I use Windows Server 2008 X64 Englisch with German location and German keyboard. The same with Vista. Desktop enhancement were installed. Does this only works with DVB? Have somebody the same WinTV and get it to work? Do you have any idea were the problem and how I can get it to work? Is the problem the German location Or/And keyboard?? Thanks for any help. Greetings Jan