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  1. Nice guide. I'm sure i would give it a try to replace my chained instal i have now. But i still have some questions: is it also possible to integrate mui Packs in the installation sources? Or must i keep these installed with chained install? And how should I slipstream updates for the MUI packs? On the moment i have problems with the installation log. If i use the runonceEx command HKLM,"%RunOnceEx%\install20",1,,"%11%\msiexec.exe /i %CDROM%\Apps\InstallOffice2003\pro11.msi TRANSFORMS="""%CDROM%\Apps\InstallOffice2003\Custom_Setup_1.MST""" /qr /lpiwae """%logdir%\Office Setup(*).log""" "
  2. Do I have to add both options or one of them?
  3. Does anybody known how to enable remote desktop from within my unattended setup and how to add users to it?
  4. When I tries to install a pc with my unattended installation DVD, The windows setup hangs when trying to format the disk. When I choose keep original filesytems on an allready installed disk the setup hangs when he's checking the disk.?