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  1. I used Admin every time. One time I tried creating an user account, but too large number are of "access denied" messages.
  2. I have SP3. Vista Transformation Pack's newer versions (from 7.0) greatly patches uxtheme.dll in my hungarian XP. I don't know how VTP's uxtheme patch works in SP3... a tip: it not works. I have patched uxtheme.dll using XP SP2 multiple times with success. Only the Multi-Patcher failed. In the hungarian Vista uxtheme patch is so easier, because system files' resources is english and there is MUI files... BTW, I have patched uxtheme.dll on another computer with hungarian XP SP2, and after SP3 install, no uxtheme patch needed, themes working. I now use Styler for applying visual styles. Have a good day! p.s.: Original uxtheme.dll or patched uxtheme.dll by UxTender needed?
  3. Check out SteadyState!
  4. ATTENTION! Yesterday I tried this program on a hungarian XP Home. Patch button is not shaded, but after patch, a lot of programs stopped working saying an memory error: Task Manager, Process Explorer, BootVis, CCleaner, etc. (BootVis is only stopped at starting trace or system optimization, etc.) So I needed to restore my uxtheme.dll file. If anyone have hungarian XP, don't try to patch uxtheme.dll with this program! miniLiLO p.s.: I see OS: none, but I setted my OS to XP Home!