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  1. Do a right-click onto the devices and look for details.EDIT: The "Unknown Device" probably is the ASUS ACPI device. The driver should be on the mainboard CD. If not, use the attached one. What about your Sound chip? This could be the "PCI Device". You will get the newest HDAudio drivers from Realtek. The PCI Device was 'JMicron JMB36X Controller", which installed from the CD. I didn't want to use the CD for anything since it may cause conflicts with your driver package. Hopefully this will work though. The 'Unknwn Device' is no longer there so I don't know what it was Thanks!
  2. I've installed the motherboard drivers you suggested and they work well. Thanks! I have 2 devices that I don't know what to do with - PCI Device - Unknown Device I don't have any PCI cards installed. I have a DVD RW and a PCI Express Video Card that has drivers installed properly. Do you have any suggestions about these items?
  3. I removed 2 RAM Sticks and the installation seems to be working now...
  4. What about your memory? Any overclocking? Did you do a memtest? Do you have more than 2 GB RAM? 4 GB RAM. No Overclocking. I'll do a memtest right away. This system was working fine but I was only using the SATA-IDE not the SATA/RAID config and I wanted the redundancy.
  5. Yes, I'm using the nForce RAID. I've done as you suggested but using these drivers with nLite doesn't seem to help. When I run the install I get STOP errors, or the installation hang when finishing the installation. I have the latest BIOS and my drives are all functioning properly
  6. I would like to get the SATA/RAID going on my new Windows XP Pro SP2 installation. I've followed the directions on the start of this thread but I keep running into problems. I have a P5N-E SLI motherboard. It uses the NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI chipset. Which performance pack on this page should I use? I've tried the NF4-7 Performance Pack with different settings in nLite but I keep getting lots of errors. One error had a system file missing so I enabled the OEM Preinstall which fixed it (recompiled and reinstalled). Now whenever I try to continue the setup it I get an BSD that says the logon service has failed and my system needs to be shut down. Which driver pack should I use and what setting should I have setup in nLite just for a basic setup. I don't need to remove or add anything, just have the SATA\RAID working from the start. As well, can I slipstream SP3 onto this or should I wait until after the install to try it? Thanks!