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  1. First slipstream and then you can vlite your iso but never remove components with the slipstream process. you have to do it in 2 steps Not sure I understand what you mean by "doing it in two steps". Please elaborate. Thanks.
  2. One additional question... assuming that the answer to the above question is yes, then is it also correct to assume that once I have this slipstreamed SP1 version installed that Vista will recognize that the 50+ hotfixes are not needed, or might auto-update then still prompt me to install them?
  3. One point of clarification... My understanding is that SP1 installation is heavily dependent on all prior hotfixes having been installed. The instructions though don't mention the need to incorporate any hotfixes into the ISO (in fact they specifically state NOT to enable components, etc.). Do I understand correctly that with slipstreaming ONLY the initial Vista installation files and SP1 are needed and the hotfixes can be ignored? (In case it matters, I'm installing Vista Business.) Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide a prompt reply.