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  1. this give me an error on a file that i don't remember the name. no, i don't use floppy disk. nvatabus don't works ps: these errors occur when cd loads all driver!!
  2. then i select nvraid.inf from "32bit nForce SATARAID drivers v.6.99 WHQL" and nvata.inf from "32bit nForce SATA_IDE drivers v.6.99 WHQL", it's true? ps: if i try to use "modded 32bit nForce LEGACY drivers v.6.99", it gives me an error on load nvatabus.sys during installation loading.
  3. hi Fernando, i want to put SATARAID into my SP3 windows cd: i select nvraid.inf, content in "32bit nForce SATARAID drivers v.6.99 WHQL", when nlite asks me which driver i want to load. After installation, while loading Windows, it restart. Could you help me pls