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  1. Yes, Mesh supports syncing non-Microsoft program settings. The problem is it doesn't allow you to sync certain folders, one of them being the %APPDATA%\Local (where lots of programs save data into...). I'm having trouble with this, the (temporary) solution I found is to use another program (i'm using SyncBack) to copy data from/to the folder Mesh can't sync to some other folder it can. Ex.: Before app opens, SyncBack copies folder D:\AppSettings\MyApp to %APPDATA%\Local\MyApp After it closes, copy %APPDATA%\Local\MyApp back to D:\AppSettings\MyApp (D:\AppSettings being synced by Mesh) Hope I helped with something
  2. No, it wasn't me. Found it, thanks! One last question: Is there a language selection switch?
  3. Hi Acheron, Thank you, this is a really nice project . I was just wondering... Is there any way to translate Nero Lite 7 to Brazilian Portuguese, with a language pack or something?