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  1. No, you cannot do so. If you upload an image of WinPE to the net, you are violating the EULA and we would be forced to delete the links and give you a warning or worse. What's a better idea is to relase your instructions so people can do so themselves. If you wish to upload your own written scripts, then that's fine, but uploading a complete image for others to download is not allowed. Give a man a fish and he will eat. Teach a man to fish and he'll never go hungry. Well, I will follow the rules seriously.
  2. Well, NO. Anyone would be pleased to see your modified VistaPE winbuilder .scripts , but uploading (read distributing) a pre-built image would not be legal. BTW, did you check the PE 2.1 project by allanf : http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...ic=4431&hl= There are several interesting points in it. jaclaz OK, see, I will follow the rules seriously.
  3. I made it works last night, both Explorer, MMC and IE, by analyzing and decoding VistaPE scripts with some hands-on work. It's on default Vista Explorer shell. I will release my image once it looks better.
  4. I cannot get LaunchApps work in winpeshl.ini, except the AppPath=... shell line, all other lines are unable to run, doesn't matter it's startnet.cmd, x:\windows\system32\startnet.cmd, or %systemdrive%\startnet.cmd
  5. I'm going to build an WinPE 2.1 image to include some useful tools, VistaPE project have it but I don't need some of its build, by analyzing and decoding VistaPE scripts, I have done some hands-on work to have my WinPE 2.1 image run well with Vista default Explorer as shell, MMC and IE are also working well, thus it's easy to add desktop/start menu shortcuts. I will upload my image once it looks better and integrated more useful tools.