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  1. Hi I verified that all files where in the right places, and they where. I ran the ax/dll registration part once more. I ran the inf files installation once more. I ran some dependent inf file installs, like ks.inf, kscaptur.inf ... Rebooted twice, and suddenly it found my tv channels :=) Only thing Im missing now is sound :=) Thanx for all help!
  2. Hi Tested both progdvb 5 and GB-PVR, but none of them does the job any better :=( Both finds my device, but no channels found (Yes, I have tested the card/connection with XP, and it works fine there). Progdvb5 searches, but no channels found. GB-PVR complains that it cannot connect to the device. It finds, and list the device. //
  3. Hi again I extracted the files from the Vista x64 wim image. Used 7ZIP. Sorry for not mentioning that.
  4. Hi Have a Terratec Cinergy HTC USB XS HD card. Windows 2008. Since I did not have a 64 bit Vista installation i just expanded system32 and sysvow64 to the x64 source folder. I then ran your script. It showed some missing files(because your script excpect some files to be at root of system32, when they infact are stored in system32\en-us).(and rebooted) I looked up the missing files, and copied them as well (and rebooted). Still no luck. I refreshed directx9.0c, still no luck. First home cinema showed my device, but when I pressed scan nothing happened. I traced this with process monitor, and that lead me to missing registry entries. (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->Software->Microsoft-Multimedia->Tv-Tuningspaces). I looked at my 32 bit Vista installation, and just exported the keys for this card from here. I also removed and reinstalled the driver for the card. After this I am able to scan for channels, but it does not find any channels. In the trace file for home cinema i find: 15:27:21.708 107904K( +1340) 5E4-FEC: ERR CreateTuningspace hr = 0x8000FFFF 15:27:21.957 112192K( +4288) 5E4-FEC: WRN Cinergy CI::Init -> KSPropertySet not supported (this device has no CI) 15:27:24.252 112724K( +532) 5E4-FEC: WRN TTLOC: Norwegian string NOT LOCALIZED: 'CH' 15:27:24.527 112724K( +532) 5E4-DC8: WRN CReceiverDVB_EM2883::TuneSetGraphParameters() - NO LOCK: Retry with Spectral Inversion =1 15:27:26.568 112740K( +16) 5E4-DC8: MSG CReceiverDVB::TuneScanLocator(0 MHz) - NO LOCK Have you got any advice on how to proceed ?