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  1. Here is my Windows 2000 installation (it hasn't been totally "customized" yet, since I reinstalled it a few days ago).
  2. I agree, but they don't care your needs, only theirs. Remember the old proverb: "The best for the hound is the worst for the hare". Greetings. Meh... if everyone switches to a non-Microsoft os, then they'd care. Hopefully that "cancer" Ballmer rambles on about (even though I prefer FreeBSD).
  3. Greetings MSFN members, I'm a long time lurker, but this thread has made me want to go back to Windows 95 to honor its 13th birthday! Why? Windows 95 comes from a much more simple time. No DRM (that I know of). A better interface. And that good ole dosage of the mid 90s. At this time I'm using a heavily tweaked Windows 2000 Pro (which, all the software installed, as far as I know, can be run on 95, alternatives can be found, or can be tweaked to run on 95). So, why not I ask? Of course 95 aint the most stable OS around, but of all my time I used it (primary OS till 1999, then used here and there till I decided to reinstall it), I've seen only about 10 BSoDs. While, my NT boxes have (since 2003), have gone blue 4 times. If only Billy, I mean Balmer, would just re-release this as Windows 7 (with the NT kernel of course), or hell, add the good stuff from 2K, XP, and Vista into NT 4, call it Windows 7 and release it to make "Windows 7" the best version of Windows, but ehh.... EDIT: The Windows 95 installation failed, plus several critical components do not have Windows 95 drivers, only WDM drivers that don't list 98/SE/ME as compatible OS'es. Guess I'll be sticking with 2000 for the forseeable future.