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  1. Sorry about that. Forgot the stinking upload button.... File attached at the first post.
  2. Hi, I've recently installed a vilted version of Vista x64. For the most part, everything seems to be ok but I have a few apps, notably all of the MS Office apps, that seem to be crashing with exceptions when I invoke the File Save dialog, where when invoking the normal save command doesn't cause any problems. Apart from that I am unable to install the latest Vista SoundBlaster X-Fi drivers... There do not seem to be known bugs with these applications.. Has anyone had anything like that with respect to vLite and if so what should be done please? I have attached my last sesssion.ini Thanks in advance! Last_Session.ini
  3. I went ahead and did it. I've created a small c# application, that can run inside Vista, that will scan files in: c:\Program Files c:\Program Files (x86) c:\Windows and look for files based on size / extension. First, files are sorted by size, Then they are tested to see if they are already hardlinked (seems Vista already uses hard-linking to some extent) then compared byte-for-byte to makes sure the files are indeed the same The last step is actaully replacing the files with hard-links. I was able to shave off quite a bit of space in Vista after installation. I will soon redo the vLite installation and redo the Winsxs run to see how it works in terms of stability etc.
  4. Mod: Please read the rules up about that particular driver.
  5. Hi, I was wondering (before I try to do it on my own) if someone has ever tried scanning the vista installation for duplicates (with respect to WinSxS) and replace them with hard/soft links. I know that there are tools such as NoClone that are capable of replacing dups with hard-links. I also know that Vista has some support for Soft-Link, though most tools probably don't make use of that yet. Has anyone ever tried pulling something like that to save up some installation space? I find the "behaviour" of the WinSxS very annoying. I do understand the "need" for having multiple versions of system (or any) dll for better software compatability, but I honestly don't understand the need for duplicate files. This adversely effects both diskspace and system performance IMO.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to run 1.2rc on Vista x64 to create a vista x64 vlited image... After selecting the directly where I have copied the vista x64 installation to I get this following exception: Is these something that can be done about this?