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  1. Thanks DigeratiPrime, I had found that answer after some searching (now using VM server). What I don't understand, regardless of compatability issues, does it show different info for CPU etc?
  2. Hiya all, I have a problem!!!! No, it isn't something a doctor can fix . I started using Virtual PC 2007 to try and test vLite out. But when I first tried to use it using the original disk I got this error. The version of Virtual PC 2007 I got was for the 64bit version (32bit version won't allow me to install it - I tried just to make sure I d/l the right version ) The OEM I have of Vista Ultimate is 64bit My computer is 64bit I can use the original disk and do a complete reinstall of my computer (without using virt pc), yet if I use virt pc with original or with slipstreamed disk I get this error. Upon investigating this further I noticed the below difference, any ideas?
  3. Hiya all, 2 questions, 1 - I only want Vista Ultimate on my ISO, so as I have read, you just slipstream SP1 to it then click apply. After I have done this, can I then remove components, or can I remove them before I hit apply? 2 - After I did the slipstream, I went to the intergration>hotfixes section and this is all I get now is it suppose to have to listings for SP1 and is there normally only 6 hotfixes listed? CHeers