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  1. I've gone through the thread, and read the FAQ, but please forgive me if I've missed the answer. I got directed here after being dumped with a Tablet PC pre-installed with XP Pro (no pen/touch support, great huh?) and no Floppy/CD/DVD etc. I downloaded the GUI, ran it to format the USB key and copy the XP Tablet files and plugged it into the Tablet ... I can boot into USB fine, I can start Setup fine - but I get: Q8: I got "Insert WinXP CD" Error, why? A8: The correct value in WINNT.SIF is MsDosInitiated="1". This is done automatically by the script. You must have changed WINNT.SIF after prepared USB disk. Well, I don't have a WINNT.SIF (apart from the Sample one) and I can't find a reference to MsDosInitiated in any of my files on the USB key. I know I'm probably doing something fundamentally stupid ... but if anyone could tell me what it is, I'd be grateful!