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  1. Shame on you for that sentence! Every new version of Windows hid more and more of what actually happened within the system. What for? Security by obscurity? Bulls***. Virtualization is omnipresent these days. Have a look at MacOS X (classic), VirtualPC, vmware, ... I personally run Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT 3.51/4/5.0/5.1/5.2 on my Vista machine for software compatibility testing... Besides the points already mentioned, I'd like Microsoft to reconsider their course concerning the "ease of use" of the "New Start Menu". IMHO it's never ever a good opinion to try to make something easier by adding complexity. The only thing that was wrong with the "Old Start Menu" was the way installers added new applications. Why should one want a folder structure like Programs/Company/Product/[Version/]Program.lnk? I 'still' use the "Old Start Menu" with the applications organized like Programs/Category/Program.lnk. Intuitive, for me. cheers, Swordfish
  2. God damnit!! I thought it was just necessary to copy %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\Search*.* (that's 3 files I'm apparently missing) and register the service. What problems do you think I'll encounter? Reinstalling the whole software is not really an option since it is a productive machine usually running 24/7. Any ideas? I'd appreciate any suggestion. cheers, Swordfish
  3. Hi Volks, Hi nuhi! The Story: I installed my copy of Vista about six months ago using an image slipstreamed with SP1 and a few other modifications - including the removal of the Windows Indexing Service. Now I changed my mind (don't ask ) and urging for the indexer. The Question: Is there any way for (re)installing the Windows Indexing Service on a Vista Machine when it was setup with an vlited image without it? cheers, Swordfish PS: why is my username taken *rofl* PPS: please - as I am not a native english speaker - tell/flame me about bad diction