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  1. God damnit!! I thought it was just necessary to copy %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\Search*.* (that's 3 files I'm apparently missing) and register the service. What problems do you think I'll encounter? Reinstalling the whole software is not really an option since it is a productive machine usually running 24/7. Any ideas? I'd appreciate any suggestion. cheers, Swordfish
  2. Hi Volks, Hi nuhi! The Story: I installed my copy of Vista about six months ago using an image slipstreamed with SP1 and a few other modifications - including the removal of the Windows Indexing Service. Now I changed my mind (don't ask ) and urging for the indexer. The Question: Is there any way for (re)installing the Windows Indexing Service on a Vista Machine when it was setup with an vlited image without it? cheers, Swordfish PS: why is my username taken *rofl* PPS: please - as I am not a native english speaker - tell/flame me about bad diction