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  1. Hello, I found a solution which allows to launch many applications from winpeshl.ini. From what I have observed, it seems you cannot use both [LaunchApp] and [LaunchApps] sections together. So if you have many applications to launch just use [LaunchApps] and put your shell in the last position. Here is my winpeshl.ini file which works fine : [LaunchApps] %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Windows\system32\startnet.cmd %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Programs\bginfo.exe, "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Programs\bginfo.bgi /timer:0 /accepteula" %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Programs\nu2menu\nu2menu.exe Be careful, the syntax of the commands is a bit tricky in case there are arguments. There MUST be a comma after the command itself and, in case there multiple arguments, all the arguments MUST be enclosed between double quotes (see bginfo line in the previous example).