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  1. Thanks. But i can't download. what a kind of error? what about this link?
  2. here it is
  3. kr0nx, cool visual style! :thumbup Can you give me download link?
  4. hoang_hpboy, what's you system default language?
  5. Raoul90, I'm used you batch and it works. Try to place "shutdown..." (without -f key) and "net user..." in the end of batch:
  6. It will modify original md5 summ to edited PE files. Without that operation Windows Installer will not copy edited PE files. It's strongly recommended to edit md5 summ!
  7. And don't forget to modify these files by modifype
  8. Yes
  9. Stoner81, if I'm correctly understand you, read this one. If you have not deleted shell32.dll file from WFP list, it will be overwritting by standart files from \WINDOWS\system32\dllcache folder. Try to use it in this way: edit you shell32.dll, then process it by modifype and make cab-file (shell32.dl_) and replace original file in i386 folder. After this original shell32.dll will not overwrite you custom shell32.dll.
  10. I'm using Camtasia Studio 5. Try it.
  11. Oops... you right. +1 to carma=)
  12. Vista-like OOBE Intro:
  13. Have you got an Microsoft Office installation with WPI?
  14. Try to delete it in safe mode. Or if you have some bootable CDs, boot from it and delete folder from CD.
  15. Guys! Seems I found the decision of this problem. Beside I personally appeared such error, when in list of the installed programs stood the Office. When I check out Office, error was not. Here is my decision: 1. Make SFX-archive (only unpacking; for example in C:\OFFICE) 2. The first program must must be the batch-file with such text: @echo off start msoffice.exe exit (This script starting unpackagin' archive (msoffice.exe) with Office installation files to C:\Office in silent mode. Use start only, not start /wait!) 3. The last program must must be the batch-file with such text: @echo off start C:\office\setup.exe /settings setup.ini exit (This script starting Office installation. Use start only, not start /wait!) If you will do this, error with rb_config.js will not appears. Why? I don't know. As for me, with my WPI (6) it works. Office 2003, full, Ru. PS I have tested this method on different computers and everywhere I tested it works!