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  1. Sorry and thanks for it. Will consider this before posting next time.
  2. Can www.tutorialistic.net be Added in the list? Sorry if its not allowed.
  3. Here is a way to improve way the text looks. Go to Control Panel>Display then Appearance tab now click on effects button and make sure that the checkbox with label "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" is ticked and select Clear Type from the drop down menu. Now you can experience the difference when browsing web etc.
  4. Sometimes you see unread mail notification on the welcome screen. That is because your windows has Sync all the information regarding your email when you used the Windows/Live Messenger. To disable it here is a very simple and quick way If any problem with the link of my forum on the images, Staff please inform me or post here. I'll remake it!
  5. Hi Guyz, I am Hitterman AKA Anand from India,Asia,Earth,Solar System. I am a Professional Web Designer and a Young Student Computer Engineer. I am World's next Bill Gates! Wait for it..............