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  1. hi every 1 i'm in deep need 4 ur help all.. a friend gave me her Dell inspiron 1520 laptop claiming that it just died all of the i figured it might be a software problem and i would just format it and it will be all good. knowing that the case corner had some serious damage from a fall ! never the less it was working just fine for a couple of months b4 it crashes. any ways i ran the device on the safe mode it was working just fine but when i restarted it. it gave me the msg" that the hard drive s not detected error 0418 or something" i researched the error and it means the hard drive needs 2 be i figured ok the hard drive maybe damaged by the fall.i went and bought a new (WD 160gb SATA)hard drive hoping that it will solve the problem..but no i tried 2 install the Vista and it crashes when the instillation starts.. XP and ubuntu cant detect the new hard drive.. so now i'm stumped with no idea wht 2 to do next.. can any 1 plz walk me step by step with wht to do ASAP..and i'll be more then thankful...