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  1. I'm still having trouble using this peice of script.. does anyone have an alternative autoit script that I can try out? Or can anyone tell me how to refresh the wallpaper without shutting down explorer?
  2. It didn't work, and besides that would suck if I had to restart my shell and file browser each time I wanted to change my wallpaper...
  3. Sorry to bring up such an old thread, but I need help getting this piece of code to work. My OS is XP PS3 with the latest AutoIt compiler and SciTE I run the code, and the wallpaper doesn't change, so I right click on my desktop and go to Properties. I noticed that the preview image on the properties window now has changed to one of the specified wallpaper, I click some other wallpaper and reselect the previously selected wallpaper (which is one of the wallaper that the autoit script selected) and I hit Ok, the wallpaper changed to one of the correct wallpaper. So I think the wallpaper just needs to get refreshed.. but I don't know how I would do that.. Any Help? I just want a script/program/command to be able to select a random wallpaper from a directory and set it as the wallpaper when I want to.