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  1. Hi The 1.2RC didn't work for me. I tried it to add SP1 and kept getting BSOD and reboot. I didn't download the necessary files from microsoft. Instead I installed the 1.16 final then 1.2RC. Any ways, I thought I should tell you about it and ask if the necessary can be added to vLite 1.2 final instead of us having to download a 1.4GB and 900MB+ files from microsoft? Thanks for your effort in developping both vLite and nLite.
  2. Hi guys I'm new to this forum but have been using nLite for sometimes. Thanks for the work you've put developping both nLite and vLite. I've few questions regarding vLite. 1- Could you confirm that the steps below are the right one to integrate SP1 to all the version of Vista in my DVD. a- start vLite b- point vLite to the folder containing Vista c- select the Vista version to slipstream d- point vLite towards the Service Pack 1 file e- close vlite f- repeat the above procedure for all the versions of Vista. 2- After adding SP1 to all the Vista(s), my iso is 3.2gb instead of 2.5gb Is this size OK? or should it be bigger? 3- I want now to remove whatever I don't need but to all the Vista(s) (all version). How do I proceed? Are the below steps the correct ones to follow? a- open vlite b- point vLite to the folder containing Vista c- select a Vista version d- remove whatever I don't like e- click 'apply' and select this version only f- repeat the above step to all the versions Thanks for your help.