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  1. Im using the new one. Just filled the fields that asks for during the installation, like workgroup, name and organization. If you wish I could upload my last session.
  2. Hi DarkShadows, I find very interesting this thread and appreciate the hard work you must have done. I use a spanish version of XP and was wondering if donwloading the spanish list, will have the problems listed in Issue 02. Languages Other Than English. Sorry my english!
  3. I filled pc name, complete name and workgroup and worked fine!
  4. Thank you Blu, ill be trying it later. Hey, did you leave pc name and workgroup in blank on nlite configuration? May be thats the problem. Im on it, tell you later.
  5. Hi, I have the same problem. I made my first unattended and realized that it asks for user, PC name and workgroup. Could you tell me what version did you use?