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  1. @cdob But I didn't have any problems, nLite didn't report any conflict. Once, I added iaAHCI.inf from v11.2.0.1006 WHQL drivers folder, and selected all of drivers in nLite menu: http://postimg.org/image/swdi212af/ then I added iaACHI.inf from modified v11.2 RST drivers folder and also selected all of drivers in nLite menu: http://postimg.org/image/ngbu49ieb/ So, as you said, it's not good. What should I do?
  2. @cdob Thank you for replying. I integrated both of v11.2.0.1006 WHQL and the modified v11.2 RST driver and made bootable cd using nLite. Also, I dl'ed DP Base and DriverPack Mass Storage 12.09 and made another bootable cd. So, I'll try these two
  3. That's a ICH7. Read the first post here and read http://www.win-raid.com/t22f23-Integration-of-Intels-AHCI-RAID-drivers-into-a-Windows-XP-CD.html Try the textmode driver v11.2.0.1006 WHQL and the modified v11.2 RST driver. How can I know whether it is ICH6, ICH7 ICH9 or whatever....? Which driver to download: For users with an Intel ICH7R/M, ICH9M, ICH10R/D, 5 Series, 6-Series or 7-Series (except X79) Southbridge AHCI or RAID system: or For all users with an Intel AHCI/RAID system from ICH7R/M up (incl. X79 and 8-Series chipsets):
  4. Hellou, I'm about installing XP on my PC, but HDD is SATA, so I need drivers to detect HDD during installation process. My motherboard is: http://postimg.org/image/ek6m48h87/
  5. Hellou, I'm about installing XP on my PC, but HDD is SATA, so I need drivers to detect HDD during installation process. My motherboard is: http://postimg.org/image/ek6m48h87/
  6. Hello ! I have dualboot Win7 & Ubuntu 10.10. Ubuntu was istalled after Win7, so GRUB was default bootloader till I formated Win7 partition and installed it again. After that, I lost GRUB, and Windows bootloader couldn't show Ubuntu on list until I fixed it with Easy BCD. Now, my default bootloader is from Windows. After starting the machine, it shows: 1. Windows 7 2. Ubuntu 10.10 When I choose Win7, it boots normally, but when I choose Ubuntu, it opens GRUB menu: 1. Ubuntu, kernel 2.35.32 generic... 2. Ubuntu, kernel 2.35.32 generic...(recovery mode) 3. Windows 7 How can I set the GRUB as default bootloader instead of Windows' bootloader? I mean, after starting machine, I want only this GRUB menu to appear.
  7. Hello! I just formated hdd and installed Win7 instead Vista. Now, I can't install drivers and utilities from Asus Driver&Utility Disc that I got with new laptop. Disc is created to work only with Vista, so as Win7 user I can't use it, my laptop is not useful now without thousands of drivers . I have been searching for it but couldn't find free. Does someone have this disc content or?
  8. So what should I do? I'm not so familiar with terms MBR and BootLoader. I think is better to install other OS before Linux....
  9. yO I have preinstalled Vista. It worked well until I installed Ubuntu 10. Now I can boot Ubuntu normally but not the Vista. When I boot Vista, it shows message "Winfows is loading ...." and then big red ERROR appears. There is message "can't find RECOVERY.DAT.... ". Vista can't boot. Also, Ubuntu reads other partitions but not the VistaOS partition. Laptop is ASUS M50Vn. Here is picture : http://www4.slikomat.com/10/0313/j9x-SNC000.jpg
  10. I recovered Vista OS with recovery dvd and got stuck in a problem. Before recovering, I had 150 GB on 1st partition with VistaOS and about 300 GB on another partition for data storage. But now, partition sizes changed. On VistaOS partition I have about 250 GB ( I don't need so much for OS) and 200 Gb on another for data ( not enough ). As I can remember, while recovering I got a popup menu with 4 options like : recover Vista on one partition, recover on both partitions, recover on all hdd...etc. I checked this "recover on all hdd", so I got unwanted partition sizes. How can I reduce my own partition sizes during recovery ? Which option should I choose ? Or there's another alternative ?
  11. What is difference between ACHI and RAID controller ? When I get the nLite textmode driver popup window, I should choose between INTEL ICH8M S-ATA RAID Controller and INTEL ICH8M S-ATA ACHI Controller....but I don't know which to choose, as I'm not sure is RAID running ? Should I change some settings in BIOS for SATA before installing XP with drivers integrated ? I got ASUS M50Vm, in specifications, it's written "500GB SATA HDD", and I don't know is it running on RAID or ACHI...
  12. HELLO ! I got new laptop with Vista installed, and decided to put Xp instead of Vista. But, as there is S-ATA HDD, I must install drivers for SATA RAID controller....Chipset is "Mobile Intel PM45 Express Chipset"......I tried to integrate it with NLITE in XP&SP2 but I got a problem with fck NLITE.....After reading of thousands guides, I did everything as I should, ran NLITE and pointed it to XP files which I have stored on HDD before...Then, it started to scan information about OS, name, version, SP etc....but at the last point "Size", it freezed so I should close with task manager....I tried many versions of NLITE, and net framework, but it was useless.... Does anyone know what is problem, and can you find appropriate driver for mentioned chipset, as I'm not sure do I have appropriate driver ?