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  1. Hi shahed26, I have tried your batch script method to no avail. I have verified the files have copied correctly and are in the right place. ProgDVB 5 reports that it 'Could not CoCreateInstance CLSID_MPEG2Demultiplexer', and ProgDVB4 reports 'Run DBA graph error'. My manufacturers own software is a little more successful, in that it can get to the run and get to the scan channels screen. However once I scan my local transmitter, it fails to see any channels. It looks like it is failing to lock, as the signal quality bar stays at 0%, despite it being 100% consistantly in XP. I have also ensured the BDA drivers are installed for my device, and ensured DirectX 9 is running ok. Source: Vista x64 Destination: WinServer 2008 x64 Card: Lifeview FlyDVB-T (PCI) Appreciate any help you can provide! Quick Edit: Ok, I read some old instructions and decided to run the install option of BDA.inf in /windows/inf/. After restarting, my LifeView application and ProgDVB4 (with graph edits) seem to work, although they are unstable. ProgDVB5 still gives the old error though. Guess I will need a better 3rd party app!