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  1. Simpshot. I am looking forward to hearing your success. You described my situation better than I could have. Only, I'm not dual booting.
  2. Fernando 1 -- Thanks for being a global resource on this seemingly complex topic. I've been working on downgrading my new HP a6512p PC from Vista to XP. So far, HP and Microsoft are winning. This is a 64 bit processor machine and HP doesn't offer XP drivers for it. It uses the Intel G33 chipset and the HD is set up using the ICH9R onboard controller. I can't seem to get the HD drivers installed to work. Using the 64 bit driver set (via the embedded link) and the F6 install method, I get a message that "iaStore.sys is corrupted." Using the 32 bit driver set (via the embedded link and the F6 method, XP gets well into its install only to fail when trying to start up on itown for the first time. It appears the system can't find the HD...only remedy is to restore Vista and try again. Any clues anybody? Much appreciative if you can help me get the score to be SpeedRacer 1, Microsoft 0.