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  1. since the topic of DNS servers popped up any thoughts on pi-hole? (looks like it would be a good cheep basic dns server) have not had a chance to mess with it yet.
  2. I think it will be hard to replace windows than most people think I have clients (i mostly do extremely small business owners/ home clients) and they ultimately will put up with the BS Microsoft shoves out even against my advisement. Most don't have the money for Mac and absolutely no tolerance for learning Linux it took me over two years to explain the difference between open Office (now Libra Office ugh) vs MS Office / rent office (2016). I am not sure what to do at this point I am winging it giving my customers what I belive to be their best option at the time. If it happens to be Windows 10 or a monthy sub then so be it. They say this what I want and I say Yes sir/mam
  3. I am using Fedora with mate it works well for the most part, but It dose have some issues (i think my problem may be hardware related too) were administrative tools work one day then fail the next.
  4. I miss Windows 98 the first system I ever used. I dreaded the day I had to move on, however, I got my start working on 98 and a lot of the experiences help me even now. back on subject I have to say @NoelC your system looks amazing and the amount of control you have over it.
  5. the bribe (via MS Rewards)
  6. I think Microsoft need to go back to XP style updates (with its own interface on they system not in IE/Edge or metro) It has been a long time since I used Windows Update for XP, but from what I remember they used to give you more information about the update not just a vague description that is so general it explains nothing and links to a .001% less vague description that leaves you searching the boules of the Internet just to see if anyone else knows what the H___ is going on. If they ever would update such an interface I would like in the information filed more details about the update, any previous update dependency, and any know compatibility issues. I would also like to see them bring back the options to disable/enable WU, Download but choose when and what to install, and be able to choose a time to update (update now, update at 3am when I am sleeping, hold on I am in the middle of something please try again later) Sorry it is a bit of a messy rant
  7. the cloud is simply taking away control. I miss the days when I had to manually maintain software I wanted to use on my system. (im not saying all cloud services are bad by any means)
  8. remember when they started making it so you had to hit the function key (fn) before you could use the normal functions that used to drive me nuts. I prefer real normal keys if I still had my old ibm keyboard I would use it. I like the nose it made when you pressed and released the keys also it could take a beating lol.
  9. I wish they would make PCs PCs again and not phones with flat, dull design, bloated with trash-ware & spyware, and removal of useful or fundamental features that make a PC a PC! there is my rant for the day lol.
  10. adapt or become assimilated! loving the ST references
  11. I did not think about that, but I do have a W7 VM that is activated the only difference is it Home Premium not pro. I can just configure the VM by hand as close the physical machine as possible.
  12. What I want to do is clone my windows system turn it into a VM and load it in under my Linux operating system and be able to access a few programs that work best on Windows. Another thought I had was to setup remote apps on the Linux system and pull them to Windows, but I think that would be a whole lot more involved and in the end the performance would be worse then just running a VM.
  13. got to ask has one tried Unity mode (think thats what it is called) in VM ware on a linux machine? I was going to try it some time ago, but I was having trouble getting VM Ware to run under my version of fedora never got back around to testing it.
  14. still not updates no major issues most things seem to be fine decided to just hold off on updates for the time being.
  15. I remember my first bad update it was for a graphics card WU insisted the driver I had was out of date and every time it got installed Windows would boot with 16 colors and the lowest resolution possible every configuration I would try to get it working failed so I would roll it back the driver I got online and everything worked just fine. I had an advanced user who like to run updates on his own and about once I week I would have to go down to the class room the system was in and remove the "updated driver" Please note this was way before I knew anything about locking down systems with group policy.