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  1. I don't like bumping a thread but I don't think I got a choice right now..
  2. Since no one made a single reply, I see there are more users online right now. I really need your help, it will be much appreciated.
  3. I'm going to join this.. Solo *replied to early, sry.
  4. Hi all, this is my first post to this forum, I hope you guys would help me. First things first, I started to make an unattended windows a few days ago for the company I am a stagiair for at the moment. Now I wanted to put my effort in an O/S for personal use. Because I study ICT, I got the knowledge about editing the setup and making bat scripts. Designing stuff isn't too hard because I worked with Photoshop the last 6 years. But... I wouldn't make this thread if I didn't have a problem. Earlier I said I made an customized O/S for my company I work for, therefor I used a batch command which auto installs a few programs we need to install on the PC's we re-install. The weird thing is, I tested it on a used HDD and it installs without problems. The codes I used on my company's Customized O/S settings.txt located in the root of the CD winnt.sif located in the I386 folder (serial left blank, due it's the company's license) these files are the major changes in the O/S, but the Operating System is working fine though. -------------- Now here's my customized O/S for home use settings.txt located in the root of the CD winnt.sif is the same as the one I used for my company's O/S My inst.bat, the CMD batch which I'm using for installing my applications I used 'Windows Unattended CD Creator Beta 1.0' and it worked fine while loading my company's O/S hit settings, but when I load up my O/S for home-use it says 'inst' is pointing at the installation bat, but on my company's O/S it wasn't complaining about CD's. So I thought it was the name of the file, you can see it's called 'inst' now, but originally I called it 'install.bat' but also that wasn't the solution. So I think that's also something that isn't right. Everytime I try to install the .iso on VMWare it gets stuck at 9minutes with the registry-adding. Now I switched to Nlite, because after some googling I came on this forum and I saw a thread about someone who had the same, and said I needed to disable SFC, and I didn't have this option in "Windows Unattended CD Creator Beta 1.0", so I installed NLite, I clicked 'disable SFC', but it still isn't working. So maybe it's VMWare, you might never know, so I downloaded Virtual PC, and there it gets stuck on 13 minutes with the registry-adding. Now I'm asking your help, because I can't see where my problem is, if you want any more that I need to explain, or files need to show, please say so and I will. I thank you guys in advance for even looking and/or replying to this thread sincerely yours S1GNZ