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  1. Give me the tools, and I can make a Swedish one.
  2. I've got a similar problem. When i try to install XP, an error message occurs. It says something about a SIF-file that's damaged or is missing. :/ "Value 0 in line in chapter [sourceDiscFiles] with the key ""." And i get no further. :/ Ideas?
  3. I believe I've found the problem now. The error R6025 only occurs when i try to integrate motherboard drivers. As i write this, I'm looking to determine if it's the whole driverfolder, or if it's just a single driver that causes the error. If I'm able to find it, I'll upload it so that the developer might find the problem, since this apparently isn't an isolated problem. :/
  4. Um... I'm not getting wiser on this latest problem. nLite finished the processing, i never clicked [OK]. So, I'm about done. Just some tweaks to be done with WPI and so, then I have my own, personal Windows XP DVD.
  5. I (think) I've found the problem. It's one of the THEME'S I try to integrate. Of all things, it's a theme... Research to which of the themes that's causing the error will be made, then I'll report or upload it here so that someone can see if it's a local problem, or the theme is corrupt. Anyway. I got some error-messages, saying these hotfixes failed to integrate. KB917013 KB940157 KB926255 KB927891 KB931374 KB932168 KB940275 KB941644 KB941693 KB942830 KB942831 KB943055 KB943485 KB944338 KB948590 KB950749 I don't belive it's normal getting THAT many integration failiures... If it is, I'll just kick 'em out, then... And NOW a lovely little error message appear, saying: " Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime libary Runtime Error! Program: D:\Program\nLite\nLite.exe R6025 - pure viritual function call. [OK] " An interesting thing is that nLite keeps running (!) despite of the error message...
  6. Hi all. I'm new to using nLite, but I love it already. Anyway, I configure everything just the way I want it; I integrate SP3, a LOT of updates and hotfixes (typical Microsoft...) and configure unattended setup. When nLite start processing all the selected settings, hotfixes, updates and so on, it makes it trough the theme-integration, and then the beloved "nLite has encounterd a problem and must be shutdown." I smashed an old keyboard... Then I clicked Show information in the error report-button, thinking it could help. It said something about "system io directory not found." I don't know what this means, but it occurs no matter what version of nLite i use. :/ Um... A little (LOT) of help, please?/ PS. Excuse my english, I'm from sweden. On the other hand, who's perfect?