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  1. EASY MAN! Go to Google, and search for "Resource Hacker" Run the program and open Shell32.dll in "X:\Windows\System32 \" ,where X refers your System Drive. Navigate to: Strings\ 1896\ 1030 You will find in the right pane “New Folder”. Change to “ALSAHM” or "Confidencial" or "AKRAM", whatever you like! Choose "Compile Script" from the Menu. Save it as shell32.dll in the desktop, but beware of saving it in "x:\windows\system32" Go to Google, and search for "Replacer" Run the program, drag Shell32.dll in "X:\Windows\System32 \" and drop it on Replacer's window, then press enter. Drag the Shell32.dll that you saved in the desktop and drop it on "Replacer's window and press enter. The Replacer will prompt you to agree, press y then press enter. Restart your pc to see changes. Best Wishes I got these steps from "riteshhowto.wordpress.com" under an article titled "Rename New Folder". I found that website after 4 hours of searching! Now I will Spread the INFORMATION, so do you! Tarek!