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  1. Pass complete, no errors, press ESC to exit.
  2. Oh Fernando 1, Thank you very much! I have no problem during installation. However I encountered another problem when the system restart. I received the same error as the 0x0000007B. If I were to go to BIOS and disable ACPI, my startup won't have the error but it will stop for 3-5 seconds before rebooting. May I know what is wrong? Note: I had ACPI enabled during the first install and everything went fine. For my second install, I tried installing with ACPI disabled first but I will get the 0x0000007B error. I tried the following method but it still doesn't solve my problem: The exact error is: *** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF7AFA528,0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
  3. Good day Sir! I have problems installing XP-32 bit because of the SATA driver issue and I received the 0x0000007B errors. First let me post my spec: Model: Aspire X1200 CPU: AMD Athlon LE-1600 processor RAM: 1GB DDRII HDD: 320GB SATA Video: Built in graphic, Nividia GeForce 8200 LAN: Integrated Lan 10/100/1000 BIOS/Firmware Maker: Phoenix Technologies LTD 64 bit: True I tried to integrate the driver myself but it still failed. I don't understand all the RAID thing you mentioned, so how do I know I got that RAID thing?