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  1. Need to repair multi-boot MBR

    Yes. Both of my drives are 160 GB WDs, and I believe that "149.05" is what should be shown. Win7 shows correctly, but 2k and XP each "show the shadow" and add it to the total. Then, Easeus' "Partition Master" shows everything correctly, but Easeus' "Table Doctor" shows my Win7 partition as "Free" (with nothing in it) and it does that same with my "AllStors" partition at the end of my second drive. I will try to do that a little later this evening and post back, and I thank you!
  2. Need to repair multi-boot MBR

    The problem is that the "53.05 GB unallocated space" is not really there. It is actually just a "shadow" of the actual Win7 partition. Here is another shot from DiskMan in Win7:
  3. Need to repair multi-boot MBR

    Greetings. I have already posted my problem on another forum, but then I saw a comment there about this forum being more active ... so, I came on over here also. I have Win98se, 2k, XP, 7 and Linux Mint all on two drives in one machine. I began with two new drives, but I only connected the first one until after the Windows systems had all been installed. I began by using MS FDISK to make the first partition FAT32 for Win98se, then I used 2k's installation options to make a partition for 2k ... and I think that is where my trouble began when 2k could not see all of the 160 GB drive and somehow possibly "marked" the end of the drive as being closer than it actually was. I later patched 2k to see the entire drive, of course, but that has nothing to do with anything here at the moment. After 98se and 2k were in, I used XP's installation options to make a partition for XP and all was well up to that point. But then when I tried to let Win7 make its own partition, the remainder of the drive showed as two pieces, with the first ending at the point I think 2k had earlier and erroneously marked as the end of the drive. At that point, neither 2k nor XP nor the Win7 installation options could make the last 53+ GBs of the drive into one partition, but Easus' "Partition Manager" had no trouble deleting the two pieces and making them into just one for Win7 ... and I then had the Win7 installation options format that last partition just before my Win7 installation ... but now I have this: How can I fix that?! And to be sure I have made this clear: It was that 53.05 GB partition that had been in two pieces prior to my Win7 installation. The now-present "shadow" or whatever of that 53.05 is something that showed up later on (but I do not now recall what I had done at that time to cause it to appear).
  4. Zone Alarm and 'tvdebug'

    Greetings to all. I just found this discussion, and the above is helping ... but I am still having a lockup problem during my Win98se startup. Most of the time, I have to press my reset button at least once before the OS will come all the way up, and I always have to repair "lost chains" in tvdebug along the way. I had a much earlier version, and I have now done that upgrade. Following the install, I found two lines setting "tvdump flags" in my autoexec file. The first was set for "10", and the other was set for "8". I have deleted the line for "10". Is that correct? I believe I will try that next ...