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  1. I should have been more clear. I got through the text setup the first time, but could not get the GUI to run on reboot. After several bad attempts, I actually paid attention when I got to the partitioning screen. Since I set up the USB for Disk 0 Parition 1, it was trying to boot from a little 30MB partition that was built into the MINI 9. I deleted that partition, reformatted and low and behold it booted the GUI no problem... Thanks again!
  2. Great app and thanks! A couple of roadblocks for me: At first I could not get the graphical install to go... Then I realized I had a 30MB partition stopping the whol thing. Next issue - got the full install done, but could not boot without the USB key in the laptop. After reading the help, I realized that the binifix4.cmd file did not run (I even got an error telling me so during the first desktop launch.) I looked for the file but could not find it. Finally, I went back to the install of the WinSetupFromUSB and found the file in the install. Is this the normal process? Did I do something wrong during the setup of the USB that caused the file not to be copied over? Any help would be appreciated... I want to create a new USB - just in case, but want it to run the first time. Thanks, B