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  1. Let me see if I understood this correctly (and I hope someone answers while I do this) ... 1. Start vLite. 2. Point to your existing DVD (if .iso mounted on virtual DVD-player or your DVD-ROM station) 3. Files will be copied to HDD to a place of your spesification (like F:\Vista for instance) 4. Go "NEXT" 5. Choose what version you would like to work on, and select ONLY to slipstream (not even bootable dvd if you want to do all?) 5. After slipstreaming .. Go back, select next version ... slipstream that, and so forth. 6. Finalize by hitting apply and even do "bootable iso"? OR ... I'm I supose to create a new iso for every time? and maybe even apply? I find it fascinating how a DVD of about 2.something GB gets to almost 5 ... just by adding SP1. XP never grew more than 30-40 MB for each SP, making it from about 380 to 600 from Gold til SP3.