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  1. nope, that's not the problem either. i set mine up to 9.
  2. i tried "NoRecentDocsMenu"=dword:00000001 and "NoRecentDocsHistory"=dword:00000001 keys already, but they just enable the recent documents menu not the most frequent used programs list. i also did look in the inf file but it just shows what tweaks i used not the registry entries themselves. thanks for your replies though. i'll continue finding a solution.
  3. yeah i think that's the tweak i used but is there any way for me to undo that tweak without reinstalling windows again? what's the registry entry for that tweak? i've been searching but no results.
  4. hey everyone, ok i searched the forum but could not seem to find the solution to my problem. i used nLite's registry tweaks and i think i chose an option that disables the frequently used program list from the XP start menu. now my left pane of the start menu is blank. i would like to undo the registry tweak. i have tried several tweaks so far but none seems to work. any help is appreciated. by the way, nice program nuhi. i don't know what i would do without it.