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  1. I managed to reduce the WinSxS foldersize to under 200 mb on W8. Everything is working except Updates and NetFX 2.0, 3.5 install.
  2. Hi, I am uploading my new Batch Removal here. This is for Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1 only. I have used this Batch Removal with a image that consist of two Language Packs: 1-en-US(main) and 2-nl-NL(installed with dism, used WAIK 3.0) So this means that you can apply Batch Removal to your second Language too. But first in removex64.bat you must change the following lines: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cd \s2\windows\syswow64\nl-NL ________________to______ cd \s2\windows\syswow64\XX-XX cd \s2\Windows\System32\DriverStore\nl-NL\ ______to______ cd \s2\Windows\System32\DriverStore\XX-XX\ *XX-XX= your language code Thats all you have to do to apply Batch Removal with second language pack installed! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For All: put the "sources" folder in root (next to boot, efi, Autounattend etc...) During Install, Windows will autodetect and execute the batch files inside the \sources\$OEM$\$$\ directory. With these batch files, more files will be removed before Windows User is created. Also (custom)Registry tweaks will be added. You can change, remove, add more Registry tweaks if you want to. I am not removing NET.Framwork 3.5 with Dism. But with ''removex64_Assemblys.bat'' a lot of assembly files will be removed. Nevertheless almost all Net.Framework relying software are still working without problems. If you experience problems with a Net.Framework relying software, then let me know this... Thanks for Dead0 and Bapt for their efforts making SP1 work with Vlite...
  3. Is it possible to set the size of pagefile.sys in Autounattend.xml? I added these lines in Autounattend.xml, but I get errors everytime in windows Setup: <PageFile> <Path>C:\Pagefile.sys</Path> <Size>256</Size> </PageFile> and this one: <OSConfiguration> <PageFile Path="C:\pagefile.sys" InitialSize="256" MaximumSize="512" /> </OSConfiguration> Maybe someone can post a example of Autounattend.xml with the above lines? Thanks!
  4. aelibey.rar This my updated Winsxs removal batch! You can use this for x64 only. Windows x64 folder after applying the batch: Total size ~1.53 gb Total files ~8.500 Winsxs files ~200 This batch is tested on Windows Ultimate En-Us only! When testing with other languages, the batch wil not remove most of the files. But you can replace En-Us with you own language for exmample fr-FR, de-DE, es-ES in my batchfile with Wordpad. Place "_AFTER INSTALL__removex64" in C:\ and run this after the OS install! (maybe you must replace "Everyone" with your username) Good luck!
  5. Oh, sorry for misunderstanding. @nice_guy: Wait for new build and In new build just select Advanced option and uncheck Windows Aero Themes from Multimedia and Services. I tested it and I will send you the inf via PM....check the screenshots Bensam, Is this with x64 or x86? and what is the size of pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys?
  6. Updates will not work. And for the winsxs removal, I deleted randomly same file types and I was lucky too I think. The test were done with vmware.
  7. Yes there is Check this
  8. Zumoc I have good news for you. Check my post #500 on Dead0's topic. I have reduced the Winsxs folder to ~200 files on x64 with everything working!
  9. check message 514 I have finished the Winsxs removal batch! You can use it for both x86 and x64 versions. The results of the Windows folder after applying the batch: -----------------Winx64: Winx86: Total size ~1.53 gb ~1.20 gb Total files ~9.000 ~7.400 Winsxs files ~200 ~160 This batch is tested on Windows Ultimate En-Us only! When testing with other languages, the batch wil not remove most of the files. But you can replace En-Us for example with fr-FR in my batchfile with Wordpad. Still you willl not be able to clean all the files in winsxs. Place "removex64 SysWOW64(en-US) + Manifests(wow64, msil) + Filemaps" in S2 and run this after Dead0's rem7x86/x64 batch. Place "_removex64 Manifests(amd64) + Catalogs" in C:\ and run it after the OS install! (maybe you must replace "Everyone" with your username x2) When you are using this winsxsremoval with Dead0's or my config at post #494, don't forget to tick Winsxs in Vlite. Good luck!
  10. I have good news for all of you! I managed to get the windows folder under 9.000 files and winsxs folder to 150 files. I shall upload a remove-batch soon...
  11. moscka, I don't know. You must test it, when you testing it, in vlite under languages deselect french. javianhalt, yes, network may not work in vmware. but when installing on your pc, you must download&install your network drivers.
  12. check message 514 Here are my presets for Ultimate x64. I am using this config since this year, also installed for some friends. I have kept the following features: Network: fully works(network/file sharing discovery) except homegroup. Wlan ok(driver install needed) Multimedia: sidebar/gadgets printer support modem support, for connecting mobile phone devices(LG pc suite, Samsung pc studio etc.) windows image acq.(Needed for webcams) and scanners? aero, wmp12(x64 only), codecs, thumbnails game explorer Others: also kept , UAC, firewall, ie, notepad, paint, wordpad, snipping tool installing redistributable 2005,2008, Live is ok Windows Update: only drivers can be updated installing patches wont work(I will wait for sp1) If everything goes ok, then you will get a windows install size of apprx 1.65gb. If you want to remove more components , then you can edit my config. Also dont forget to remove winsxs in vlite! big thanks to dead0 and aviv!
  13. I cannot save my settings. And the Lastsession.ini files does not modify If I change my settings.