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  1. Fools. Hitman is the best stealth action game. Ban their heads, not Agent 47.
  2. Works perfectlly on other systems... Goddamnit... I think Ubuntu destroyed my motherboard ((
  3. Hi, maybe the stick is infected? or something is wrong with device manager,I did have a problem with stick,it wouldnt open he played dead. But this? I`ll look into it I had Ubuntu some time ago, the same thing was happening. I tried the stick on other computer, works perfectlly.
  4. No problem, /v queries for a specific key, and /s queries all subkeys and values.
  5. I use Avast! Home Edition Is perfect for me.
  6. Use: reg query "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" /v CSDVersion
  7. You can use Visual C++ 2008 Express or Code::Blocks.
  9. Hello... For some while now, when I plugin an USB stick into my computer, after ~5 mins it crashes, and if I copy to or from it, crashes on less than 2 mins...What's wrong? It freezes, and the only option left is hard reset.
  10. Well, for me Debian. I had Ubuntu for ~2 months, but it destroyed up my HDD. The stories that Ubuntu destroys HDD's are very REAL, and I confirm from my OWN EXPERIENCE!
  11. Hi.

    Hi all. My name's Stefan, and I am 14 years old. My passions are: programming, security, web and a little web marketing. I know the following scripting/programming languages: C++ (beginner) Delphi (beginner) PHP / MySQL (beginner) Perl/Python (beginner) About security, medium knowledge Nice to meet you all.