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  1. **** , now thats a long reg file.
  2. Yes , after windows finishes instaling the drivers are perfectly instaled and it is 1024x768x32 whit 85 hz But during setup it's at 640x480 How can i change the monitor drivers? I don't have a specific driver for the monitor
  3. Ok , know i realise that somebody else asked this question , and i'm sorry for the double post , but i't still does not work for me , even if i put the corect drivers for the graphic board in the winnt.sif file it still is 640x480 . How else can i change it???? And i have set in Winnt.sif 1024x768x32 85 hz
  4. Is the resolution that you change in the Winnt.sif , the one that is in the setup of XP ,or is it the one when you first start windowsXP ( after the setup finishes instaling)????? Don't you guys have a IRC chanel or something ??
  5. hey , i was wondering does it work with InstallRite? I'm new to this InstallRite , does it allways work or ar there problems whith diferent progs!