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  1. then it is impossible? Well, I settled with all or nothing then, thank you very much, where can anybody help me xD
  2. Hi Kelsenellenelvian, here is the "mini" config.js:config.js
  3. but as I write? think so: WLM9 | WLM8 but I do not work that way I have no idea as, I hope you can help me, OR is not equal sorry for my bad english!
  4. If we were but I flag that depends on a single program rather than 2, example: I have MSN Plus and I also have MSN 8.5 and MSN 9 I put on the list of dependencies to the MSN plus the msn 8.5 and msn 9 but at the installation, to mark the MSN Plus, I need to first mark the msn 8.5 and msn 9, I want to do is that I am not obliged to mark the two, but one of them! sorry for my bad english!
  5. ok, but you can do that? can be done if I stay calm, I expect an answer! sorry for my bad english!
  6. Hey, look at my question is stupid, but I want the "Messenger Plus" depends on "Windows Live Messenger 9" or "Windows Live Messenger 8.5" how can I achieve that, relying on one or the other, not the two! Sorry for my bad english!
  7. hello, I can not check the option "Direct Slipstream" when trying to add the Office 2007 Professional, I can not add updates or service packs and less extra files, but with Microsoft Office 2003 if I can do it, why? Ahh, and I tell you, very good version 1.4 of nero 9 lite, for the next version adds Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 SP1 Redistributable to the installation so it is easier and looks better, bye and thanks! Sorry For My Bad English!
  8. hello, and to version 9, you do not know how to install it unattended?
  9. ah! i have the last version 7.3.0
  10. is that when I do that, I get this error and will not let me change anything
  11. This is the image of the error this happens to want to add a program, just after writing the name of the program, how to fix this problem? Sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish!
  12. I check all version and seem ok ... the file that missing are Download ... you must copy this file in system folder, in Vista it's possible this folder is protect. I will test it in a virtual machine at soon, at this moment i have some problem (lost work ). Thank you very much, I work the Nero Cover Designer
  13. hello, I have the same problem as c0sm0s, how can I fix this?
  14. This is the silent switch for ZoneAlarm PRO 2009 /s /i /noreboot /lickey (your license key) example: Serial: 0dvcs-0gjik-j9ge4-j06qd8-p12u80 (this serial es false) got to enter the serial in the silent switch so: 0dvcs0gjikj9ge4j06qd8p12u80 this is the silent switch with the license key: /s /i /noreboot /lickey 0dvcs0gjikj9ge4j06qd8p12u80 Thanks for visiting my post and sorry for my bad english! Bye