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  1. Got a problem: From 9.7.1 onwards, some icons like My Computer, My Documents, text files, etc... are not changed from their default icons while using a icon pack. I got to roll back to version 9.6.6.
  2. Now i did a Vista Inspirat skins port Download Ah for the HS Theme you will need the Black Wolf font, and for the Vista Inspirat the Segoe UI font. Download Segoe UI Font Download Black Wolf font Update: NFS U 2 Skin Download
  3. Well, I was tooling around with some bitmaps from NFSHS and decided to port em as a RP9 skin. It's a bit buggy, but works (afterall, is my first skin) Download skin
  4. Hi!

    Hi! I'm AJ, and I'm from Costa Rica. I'm 15 and I have Win98SE.