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  1. Oh, i think i know what you are talking about now how's this:
  2. I try again, I was doing some colorization, but i go frustrated at it. Too many left over light splotches after i colorize XP. Well, I double layered the 'Microsoft Windows XP' and used the logo you wanted. The first one i sharpened the text and logo, but it ended up looking scetchy to me, but i dont know about you, so i have what i saved before i sharpened it as well. <br> </br> Sorry for sucking at life, by the way Xp
  3. Sorry, my lack of time made it not so great, ill try harder next time T.T heres a preview, ill upload the full size if you like it
  4. Hello. I'm a guy named kelif. I am a vista user. I'm not good at programming anything, but i love to draw, animate, and fix things. If I can find a general problem to a program, i'm kinda good at snooping out where the source is though. sometimes requires me to make extra copies incase i mess the whole thing up, but yea, i'm a fast learner. I hope i can learn alot on these forums and meet alot of ppl. My good friend DBlake1 is the one introduced me to these forums, so yea, ty man.
  5. welcome man! :)