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  1. thanks, wayne!... btw, i'd never do anything illegal... i'll try the link first... love and hugs, maia
  2. i've been bugged for 2 weeks with a bug nothing else has been able to fix [slows down opening all existing ms word docs to 2 minutes+], and need to try uninstalling/reinstalling windows, but can't do that without 'id*** instructions' as i'm a writer and a tech-know-nuthin'... the dvd i have is the 'operating system' one from dell, where it was installed in my inspiron E1505 laptop when i bought it... it's out of warranty, so they're no help, as i can't afford the fees... can anyone please help, with step-by-step directions a 3-yr-old could follow?... please email me, if possible, since i can't come back here and keep checking for replies all day... love and fingers-crossed desperate hugs, maia ps: i help aspiring writers all over the world by email for free, so this is keeping me from being able to continue doing that till i can get the thing fixed... but when i do, anyone here is welcome to join my thousands of happy mentees, if they ever need any writing help... m