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  1. I extracted the boot sector from the cd with ultra iso...the only files i modified were winntbbu.dll and sysdm. I replaced SETUP.exe with the one i made(which i had said). I used nlite to create an iso and i added the boot sector the first time using ultra iso to burn it. I used nlite and added the boot sector. this time I did a direct burn and got the same thing. Everything seems to work good except i cant boot from it. Sorry I didnt get into much detail.Here is that file attached that you requested. LAST_SESSION.INI
  2. Firstly - I have had problems with sp3 so i dont use it secondly - lots of optional apps third - Its what i used to make my SETUP.exe I also use it to make aio's
  3. I have been trying to make a custom xp pro disk for the past few weeks with nlite. I start with my xp pro sp1 cd and slipstream sp2 if this helps any. I have to make a dvd disk because of the size (over 1.4 gb). The install disk works and autoplay works but i cannot boot from it. Yes i have my boot order right in my bios, before anyone asks lol. I Made a new setup.exe with autoplay media studio 7 and replaced the setup.exe before I burned it. Is my custom setup.exe causing this problem or is it because of burning onto dvd instead of cd or something else i totally missed? I have searched the forum and i do apologize if it is here and i haven't searched for the right words or something. Any help would be great
  4. Hi I am a new user with nlite. I am using xp pro sp2 and i would like to know if there is anyway I could get a text file installed to the desktop through this installation. Thank you for your time