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  1. I used the WM11 Integrator once. The size of xp folder ballooned to the point I couldn't burn it to a CD anymore. This is what I do: I start with XP gold (aka SP0) WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe /integrate:path to xpgold This brings me to SP3. I then change the setupp.ini to 76497OEM so I can bypass entering the key during install. I prefer to wait until the install is complete. I then use nlite to install the latest drivers for my NIC, the latest sata drivers from intel (so I have them in the future), and IE 7. I then use img-burn to make an iso (nlite making the iso doesn't work for me).
  2. Hi, I am making an updated XP CD. I started with a XP gold CD. I copied it to my hard drive and used the /integrate switch to install SP3. I then installed IE7 using nLite. The resulting iso was 616MB. I then used wmp integrater to install wmp11 and used imgburn to make an iso. The iso with wmp11 is 693MB. Is this right? I checked the iso and there don't seem to be any temp files or directories like b80c18e0ca840c243a in the root directory. Thanks, Greg