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  1. I'll give the smart driver back up a try in a few days, bit busy right now. Thanks. I hope it works. They really should have put '98 SE on these OQO's. But I can get it to run XP pro well enough. I just want to toy with the over head on some of the things I know I do not need to see if it gets even faster and more responsive. Tweaking the services just isn't going as far as I feel I have to go to get this thing to run like I want it to.
  2. Do you think I might be able to create my own inf files to have this drivers installed from a working copy? Or do you know of someway to get the files from the factory restore DVD? Someway to make a factory restore CD into a real install of XP? This is my first time playing around with nLite, but this seems like the perfect project for it.
  3. I can get nLite to make a DVD for my OQO the problem is that the DVD for XP Pro that I have doesn't support the Via 1.6 processor or the Via main board chipset. Any ideas on a work around besides getting a more resent copy of XP to use my license on? I am hoping to grab the drivers out of a working but bloated factory install. Thanks for reading a replying