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  1. In the link for the Jmicron connectors there are many .zip files containing drivers with the same names. which ones should we download and integrate?
  2. How do I know I am using the Intel or J-Micron Ports? I have a SOny Vaio FW-11M Notebook, and I am quite green on playing with this subject, although quite experienced with computers. Thank you!
  3. Well, I bought it one week ago! So it's quite fresh and according to Sony, it's a new release . I hope this answers your question Thanks for the advice!
  4. hi! I have a Vista VAIO FW-11M on which I am trying to intall XP I have integrated those drivers on an XP CD using nLite. I partitioned the disk in order to install XP on the other partition. When I booted from the XP CD and the system reached the point saying "Setup is Starting Windows" I got a marvelous BSOD! Any ideas?