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  1. Sorry engert100, but you offered the very same steps purketurkle said they'd already tried?! I've also run into the same problems injecting these same Realtek drivers into a boot image (for an HP PC, not a laptop in my case). The driver injection process completes without error but the driver isn't being loaded when I boot using the updated image. I also tried copying the .inf, .cat and .sys files directly into the mounted image folders and repackaging/replacing it in WDS, to no avail. However, I can't seem to use the drvload / initialize networking trick after hitting SHIFT+F10 as they can? I load the driver and it says the network initialization has completed, but I get no connectivity and once the 'No DHCP servers' error pops and I acknowledge it, I can't even try again and have to reboot... Hmmm?