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  1. I also have an XPS 720 that I am trying to downgrade to XP PRO. I have formatted the drive but can not get the nvidia drivers loaded. In order to use F6 do you have a floppy drive acually installed or are you using one of the USB drives? I would be interested in knowng how you did that. I also have the nforce690iSLI chipset
  2. Fernando, you are obviously the genious when it comes to loading the necessary nvidia drivers for downgrading to XP. I have a Dell XPS 720 with one 500GB SATA drive. Apparently according to Dell I have the nForce 6 chipset in particular nforce680iSLI. My problem is like all the others on this post. I have called Dell numerous times and have worked with them endlessly, they finally told me that it couldn't be done because I had upgrade the BIOS to the recent level. Well tonight its running XP and all thanks to you!